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John Benedict


John has been actively engaged in the music and entertainment industries for over 20 years. After a formal commercial training in the law, at Paisner & Co, he started his professional career in the industry in 1980 in a group of companies specialising in music, films and video (Arcade, Gem Records and GTO Films) he quickly learnt the art of deal making in the buying and selling of rights, and the exploitation of these rights.

John sits on the AIM New Media Committee and the AIM Rights Committee and also runs a legal surgery for AIM and its members under the pseudonym of Dr. John and is the author of the AIM Guide to Survival and Success in the Music Business as well as being a regular contributor to various industry publications, including MusicAlly.

He has chaired a number of conferences, including part of Music and Technology: Visions For the Future conference at the RSA and as a panellist of Does Digital Devalue Music? at the FPA, a number of conferences at In The City, and on new business models for the music industry.