We act for well-known artists, up-and-coming bands, producers, songwriters, arrangers, mixers and re-mixers. We work with and represent artist managers across the whole spectrum – from first timers to managers of prestigious international artists.

We are vastly experienced in the music industry and are passionate about music, and helping ‘the talent’ to navigate a career path through a complex and often daunting business.

Several successful independent record labels, distributors and established music publishers are also amongst our clients.

We advise on, and draft, a variety of agreements including:

  • Recording agreements
  • 360 degree deals
  • Licensing agreements
  • Music publishing/Administration agreements
  • Distribution agreements, both physical and digital
  • Management agreements
  • Record producer agreements
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Merchandising/Sponsorship agreements
  • Band agreements
  • Agency/Promoter arrangements
  • Website agreements